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Everyone has a dream.
Now I want to say something about my dream.What is my dream?I often ask myself.In my mind,everyone shall have his own dream.I think that having a dream means that we have an idea,and then we will do all the things to achieve the target.As long as we have a goal to be realized,we won’t be blind at least.
My dream is to become a successful doctor,helping those sick people and saving their lives.Of course,to be a good doctor is very difficult,but I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone healthy.That's my dream.I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country.I want to let them have an opportunity to receive excellent treatments for their illnesses without having to pay much or just enjoy them free.China is a developing country which needs good medicine and good doctors,especially in the countryside and distant villages.
Now I’m a junior student on Grade One,all my classmates and I are working hard.We all know that the entrance exam of high schools coming in the year of 2009 is a big challenge for us,so we must study harder and harder in order to go to a good high school.Thus after we finish our senior high school,we are able to go to a good university.Finally,we can find a good job in society.
My dream is also that although at present I’m good at study,I’ll still try my best to be the study winner.Now everything I do is close to my dream.I feel life is fill with hope and is colorful,and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.
I know that fantasy is something hard to realize,but dream can.I’ll work hard for my dreams,I’ll never give up.
















Steve leung, top interior designer
Steve leung is one of the ten top designers in Hong Kong, is unique in its design to rub up architecture and interior design
University asked, use of space and aesthetic feeling to build good sense. "Into the room, the first thing I thought of space, rather than color. Color light is not the problem, people from the house because of anger. Home, the feeling of the most important is leisurely and free." As a result, he always the design of simple plain and neat, but without the feeling of cold and cheerless, household design is always based on practical, suit individual needs.
Top interior designer Steve leung
About design idea: Steve leung unique contracted style, for the different living space has entrusted with the brand-new feeling, his works seven different mood to spawn: cool, rolling, spare, net, h, drunk and wide.
Understanding about "contracted decorate a style" : Steve leung to forward-looking design brush strokes, with concise line and strong color contrast, with unconventional pendant and furniture and the cool air and handsome present, bring a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh. The cool and objective introduction of household design of postmodern science and technology, materials with hale and hearty and lively and tonal, effect of enjoyable, meaningful, off-dry. With her fresh highlight steel and silvery white furniture, the space is plain and neat and bright look.
The main representative works: "a zhi", "fang yuan", "exquisite", etc.


室内设计 :interior design

Nancy Sendecke, who works for an interior design concern in Westport, Conn., called the new scheduling a "pain in the neck."
An interior decorator is a person who plans the colours and furnishings for the inside of a house.
An interior decorator design and decorate the interior of a room or building
the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator.
room acoustics
indoor garden
the trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior.


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